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Importance of Professional Roof Cleaning

Importance of roof cleaning

What may surprise you to learn is that each year, an alarming rate of homeowners who replace their roof could have gotten by with just a professional cleaning. Many of the threats that develop on your roof could actually be addressed with a thorough cleaning, or cleaning and minor repairs.

Replacing your roof is costly and should only be done when absolutely necessary. And there are a few other things that you should know about what makes roof cleaning so important.

  • Of course, a clean roof improves the visual aesthetics of your home. While looks may not be the most important aspect of your roof, there is nothing wrong with wanting your home to look its very best. It's about pride of ownership, curb appeal and making a good first impression.
  • This is a useful way to protect your roofing system from damages. The fungus that gathers on your roof doesn't just look bad, it can potentially cause serious damages. This can lead to anything from breaking down the asphalt shingles to rot, and your roof doesn't want any of that.
  • So you invested in a new roof and think you're good to go for at least a decade. Trouble is, your warranty probably includes something about getting regular professional cleaning. Fail to do so and you are voiding the warranty for that new roofing system. Then, if something should happen to your roof, you'll find you have no coverage and repairs or replacement on that new roof is yours to pay for, out of your own pocket.

Getting Expert Help

Summit Roofing LLC is ready to provide you with the roofing service you need for your Asheville home. We focus on residential customers and are dedicated to helping you get the best in performance and longevity, from your roof system.

Your roof is the most important feature of your home; it's what protects your house from the elements. Our job is to help ensure that it is able to do just that, and for years to come.

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